John Rolfe Timeline

John Rolfe Timeline

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  • 1585 - 1622

    Life of merchant, colonist, and tobacco farmer John Rolfe.

  • 1609

    John Rolfe is shipwrecked on Bermuda en route to Jamestown.

  • c. 1609

    John Rolfe married to Sarah Hacker who dies in Bermuda.

  • 1610 - 1612

    John Rolfe experiments with, plants, and harvests a successful tobacco crop at Jamestown.

  • 1611 - 1619

    John Rolfe's tobacco blend becomes lucrative cash crop; Jamestown investors become rich.

  • 1614

    John Rolfe marries Pocahontas; union ends the First Powhatan War.

  • 1614 - 1622

    Peace of Pocahontas between English colonists and Powhatans; established by the marriage of Pocahontas and John Rolfe.

  • 1616

    John Rolfe and family travel to England on promotional tour for Jamestown.

  • 1617

    Death of Pocahontas in England; John Rolfe returns to Jamestown.

  • 1619

    John Rolfe marries his third wife, Jane Pierce.

  • 1622

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