John Dillinger Museum

John Dillinger Museum

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Located within the local Welcome Center at 7770 Corinne Drive in Hammond, the John Dillinger Museum provides opportunities to explore the life of America’s most notorious bank robber - John Dillinger and his gang - through 12 hands-on exhibits.Formerly located in Nashville, Indiana, the museum was founded by Joe Pinkston, who strongly believed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wrongly assassinated Dillinger. The museum moved to its current location, when Pinkston died in 1996.Unique exhibits include a life-size wax diorama of Dillinger, the wooden gun used by Dillinger to escape from the Lake County Jail, death trousers, a saxophone case used as a prop in bank robberies, a getaway car used by bank robbers, and a chilling morgue scene.Also, included in the collections are Dillinger death mask, family photos, and news clippings

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